About Us

EcoMow is the first and only fully automatic lawn maintenance company in the Hamptons. Providing our client’s with a fun, economical and efficient way to maintain their lawn with the latest in artificial intelligence technology. Lawn care couldn’t be easier or more cost effective when using our service. Employing only the best automated mowers on the market, ecoMow is able to supply reliable lawn maintenance services regardless of the size of your property or needs.

With integrated proximity sensors our bots reduce their speed when approaching obstacles, reversing and recalculating where necessary. Integrated battering monitoring alerts your bot that it requires charging, automatically sending it home for a charge. Custom design lawns are fitted with boundary wires ensuring flower beds are no longer an issue. Designed to work in all weather conditions as well as the capability to handle slopes of up to 45 degrees our lawn bots truly are designed to go everywhere.  Your lawn bot is unique to you with unique pin codes and real time GPS tracking ensuring the safety of your lawn bot.

Twenty years of fine tuning the art of mowing means that ecoMow only offers the highest quality bots for your lawn maintenance needs. 100% eco friendly, quiet, mess free lawn mowing is our promise to you. Our LawnBots do not leave unsightly large clipping, suffocating your lawn. Because it is constantly working to maintain your lawn, only the finest clippings are left behind to fertilize your grass.

Why ecoMow?

Being the first and only fully automated lawn maintenance company in the Hamptons has allowed us to offer only the best level services to our Clients. We offer competitive packages with high end LawnBots to suit even the most challenging properties.

Professional Consulting

Our team of specialists are on hand to provide you with advice on purchasing, installation and maintenance of your LawnBot. Using only the best in automated mowing technology, the equipment is safe, reliable and fully backed by the best after sales service.

Tailored Solutions

ecoMow is in the business of servicing your lawn maintenance needs. A thorough evaluation of your property will be done in order to ascertain which solution is best for your unique needs.  We understand that your investment needs to work for you.

Timing is Everything

Our LawnBots are designed to work for you. Fully programmable and low on noise, your LawnBot is able to work any time of the day or night. No more weather interruptions or holiday reschedules. LawnBots work in all weather conditions and only require a brief rest before getting back to work maintaining your pristine lawn.


The team takes into consideration your budget. With packages to fit every pocket and a selection of services on hand, ecoMow is your leading provider of LawnBots and lawn maintenance services.

Besides the obvious cool factor of having a LawnBot working to keep your lawn in perfect condition all year round, our fully automated service saves time and money. With specialized installation and maintenance services your LawnBot is designed to weather almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it! Artificial intelligence, rigid design and integrated security makes the LawnBot an extremely safe addition to your lawn maintenance arsenal.


Why ecoMow

  • Twenty years of lawn maintenance experience
  • A budget to suit every pocket
  • Environmentally and noise friendly
  • Integrated intelligent technology
  • Little to no downtime
  • A beautiful lawn, every day