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Innovative technology and integrated artificial intelligence makes your LawnBot the best in its class. Our company uses only the best LawnBots that are backed by top shelf suppliers having more than twenties years experience in the lawn maintenance equipment industry. Our team of specialists provide you with quality advice to fit your unique needs. ecoMow provides safe and reliable services backed up with the best after sales service in the market. the market. Contact us now and let us help you create the best outdoor space. Offering high-quality Robot Lawn Mower GPS East Hampton NY we are considered to be a fully automatic lawn maintenance company. We have gained our clients’ trust and ensure that your lawn will be easily maintained and everything can be handled in a zero emissions, low sound volume way. At ecoMow, we also offer high-quality Automatic Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Southampton NY at quite affordable prices. Our sharpeners are built to last and they will help you save time, money, and effort.
We deliver Touch The Earth Landscaping services and ensure we will leave you lawn in its perfect condition. Our Robot Lawn Mower GPS East Hampton NY is a very friendly method to people and nature. It is designed to protect our environment and bring stunning results. Offering Peace Of Mind Landscaping we use only the best Lawn Bots which are backed by top shelf suppliers who have more than twenty years of experience in the industry of lawn maintenance. Our experts work tirelessly so your lawn will be maintained in any weather. Moreover, we also deliver quality Garage for Robot Lawn Mower East Hampton NY which is a great product with awesome benefits. Using a Robot Lawn Mower Garage Southampton NY you can be sure that your robot mower will stay dry no matter the weather is good or harsh. Your robot mower will be stored easily as well. So hurry up to order this Garage for Robot Lawn Mower East Hampton NY and be sure you won’t regret buying it. Just get in touch with us for more details and let us give you the best ever services and products!

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    Proximity sensors reduce speed as bot approaches.  Bump sensors allow Bots to reverse course when needed.

  2. 2

    Built in battery monitoring alert Bots when charging is required.  A quick trip to the charging base and they are ready to work again in no time!

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    Boundary wire allows for custom design and increased maneuverability.  Free form planting beds are no challenge to our Bots.

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    Have complete control over your Bot form any smart phone or computer

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    Just when the local landscape company is calling it a day due to rain, your Bot will be heading out to work.  Designed to work rain or shine!

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    Unique pin codes and real time GPS tracking ensure the safety of each Bot.

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    Designed to handle slopes up to 45 degrees.  Sensors ensure the Bots safely navigate even the most extreme terrain.


A beautifully maintained lawn all year round is at your finger tips.

Step One

Contact us – Your information is kept private and confidential and will only be used for one of our specialists to get in touch with you.

Step Two

One of our specialists will discuss your unique needs and provide options and recommendations that fit your budget and lawn maintenance needs.

Step Three

ecoMow will fully install your LawnBot, ensuring it works tirelessly at keeping your lawn well maintained and beautifully mowed all year round, no matter the weather, time or day.

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Dedicated to ecologically sustainable lawn maintenance, ecoMow integrates artificial intelligence with years of lawn maintenance experience to bring you the very best in gardening technology.


Rain or shine, day or night our LawnBots are designed to work in any conditions no matter the time of day. Excellent, innovative design and maneuverability as well as integrated travelling patterns cut every corner of your lawn.


Our team takes into consideration your budget. With packages to fit every pocket and a selection of services on hand, ecoMow is your leading provider of LawnBots and automated mower maintenance services.


Low decibel technology means that you can maintain your lawn any time of the day without the usual intrusive noise that comes with mowing.


Our team of specialists are trained and experienced in installing your LawnBot and our technicians are trained in maintaining and servicing your mowing technology.  We offer a safe, reliable service which is backed up with our guarantee, always.


Integrated proximity sensors signal the LawnBot to reduce its speed when approaching obstacles, reversing and recalculating where necessary. Custom design lawns are fitted with boundary wires ensuring flower beds are no longer an issue and as well as the capability to handle slopes of up to 45 degrees.


Maintenance and after sales service is important to us. Your LawnBot will be checked-up on by our technicians regularly to ensure that it is running correctly and optimally.


Your LawnBot is designed to work in all weather conditions, however, some conditions require storage of your unit. One of our technician’s will be on hand to advise and assist you with all of your winter / hazardous storage needs.


  • 100% Emissions free lawn service
  • An unique, hassle free option to the standard lawn mowing service
  • Reduce the noise of having your lawn maintained
  • Put an end to the ever-increasing costs involved with lawn care
  • Simplify the task of lawn mowing for our clients


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